Sierra Leone sits between Liberia and Guinea on the north west region of Africa. This beautiful country covered in foliage and towering mountains was discovered in the 15th century by a Portuguese explorer. The name Sierra Leone means “lion mountain” as it must have appeared to the explorer in the 1400’s.

The capital is Freetown and the overall population is 5,525,000. Though Krio is the most popular tribal language, English is their first language. Krio is not a written language; therefore, Krio dictionaries do not exist. This language is primarily spoken, not written. Life expectancy is 43 years and the literacy rate is only 31%.

Sierra Leone is well known for producing diamonds. This beautiful gem ended up causing more turmoil than anticipated. Sierra Leone endured a 10 year civil war from 1991-2002 that has had lasting effects on the country even today. The primary religion is Muslim with Christianity as a close second.

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